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Standard and Vector Frequency Inverters: what is the difference between them and which one to choose?

Frequency converters are increasingly used in many industrial plants. They are an indispensable complement if you want to achieve higher operational efficiency and at the same time be able to fully exploit the potential of an industrial electric motor. Find out which frequency converter from the VYBO Electric range will be the right choice for you.

To make the operation of your electric motor as effective as possible, you can do without a frequency converter. This is necessary for some industrial processes. The correctly selected frequency converter brings many advantages not only for the operator but also for the electric motor itself. At the same time, the frequency converter ensures that your motor achieves adequate power without overloading the components.

Before selecting the frequency inverter, you need to consider a number of operational specifications and align them with your requirements. So when choosing a frequency converter, don’t just look at its performance, but also other parameters that should be as close as possible to your specific needs or needs. properties and conditions of your operation.

Vyboelectric.eu frequency inverters offer two model series – Standard and Vector. Which of these types should you focus on when choosing a frequency converter? We have prepared a brief overview of the basic features for you.

If you are looking for a practical and simple frequency converter that is ideal for common applications, focus on the frequency inverters of the Standard series. Their main advantage is their extremely simple assembly and subsequent configuration. The A550 is even programmed from the factory to be used almost immediately after wiring. There is also a more durable version with IP66 protection. The A550 frequency inverter can operate at an output frequency of up to 400 Hz.

For more demanding industrial applications, the latest VECTOR V800 frequency inverters are designed to operate at an output frequency of up to 3,200 Hz. Quality processing makes them the ideal choice for a variety of industrial processes. The big advantage is also the built-in brake unit, timer or safe stop system. Controlling these frequency inverters is not complicated, and is already configured for basic processes from the factory.

If you don’t want to choose the right frequency inverter, be sure to contact us with your specific requirements.

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